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Beyond-Belief-Corporate-Identity-2 Wirral Youth for Christ have been investing in local secondary schools for over 20 years. We have strong relationships with many schools and we are honoured to be a member of the Wirral Statutory Advisory Council for Religious Education. We specialise in taking lessons and assemblies teaching the Christian perspective on a number of subjects. Lessons: All of our lessons closely follow Wirral's Agreed Syllabus for RE and we work hard to encourage everyone to engage by using a number of teaching methods, recognising that we all have different learning styles and abilities. In each lesson we communicate our personal beliefs as Christians, and give young people the opportunity to question their own beliefs and explore their own ideas. We work closely in line with the Government initiative of ‘Every child matters’ and where possible seek to include the five outcomes for each young person. All of our lessons can be adapted for both KS3 and KS4.

To see some of the lessons we deliver please scroll down this page or download our schools information pack for 2012-2013.

Assemblies As you know, assemblies are a great way to get students thinking about the world around them and other key topics. Wirral YFC are experienced in writing and delivering assemblies. We have a bank of assemblies we regularly use, but can write an assembly for you if you require. Pulse Pulse is the Wirral YFC’s answer to the Governments ‘Extended schools provision’. It is a session that gives students the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and ask any questions. Pulse is run by YFC alongside volunteers from local churches. Please contact us to discuss how we can run Pulse in your school. Retreat days During retreat days we invite schools to take students off timetable and off site where appropriate. We spend time looking at different issues, such as making positive life choices. These sessions are interactive, and are designed to provide space for pupils to think and reflect. Revision sessions Wirral YFC can assist in GCSE or A level groups by running revision sessions. Our revision sessions are intended to create discussion and debate around what Christians believe on a certain topic. These sessions can help the pupils learn about different beliefs for use in their exams and coursework. High impact weeks High impact weeks are designed to reach the whole of the school (or selected year groups) in one week. These weeks can be tailored to the school, and in the past we have run weeks such as “the test of faith” - looking at the relationship between science and faith, and also “bounce don’t binge” - a PSHE focused week offering healthy alternatives to alcohol. Each day we would focus on a different year group, and each young person would spend a lesson off timetable with our team looking at these topics. These weeks create a real buzz in the schools, and coupled with lunchtime activities and assemblies, creates a great week with long lasting effects. The sessions are fun and interactive and bands and creative arts teams are often used to assist with the sessions and lunchtime activities. How we work All of our lessons are privately funded through donations from local individuals. Whilst we do not charge schools for our services, if you feel that your school could contribute to our work, it would be gratefully received. Our team work around school timetables so there will rarely be any lessons that we have to miss. However, each week we use Monday mornings for lesson preparation, administration and team meetings. Where possible we keep this morning free, but if there is a specific class whom you would like the team to see, please get in contact with us and we will endeavor to work our timetable around yours. All bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis. At least two weeks prior to bookings we would need to know details of the lesson (Topic, lesson times, room number). To comply with our Child Protection policy, we would require a staff member allocated to each lesson. For any more information or to make a booking please contact Jonny Brennan - Secondary Schools manager t: 0151 647 8400 m: 07921365037 e: Jonny.brennan@wirralyfc.org.uk

Lessons we offer:

Christian basics: Existence of God An interactive look at the arguments for and against the existence of God, looking at evidence from scientists and religious scholars, this lesson is a very interactive and thought provoking. The life of Jesus Looks at major events in Jesus’ life and teaching, and explains from a Christian perspective why Jesus is so important to the Christian faith. The Bible An interactive look at the story of the Bible and why it is so important to the Christian lifestyle. A fun and fast paced lesson, taking students through the timeline of the Bible and showing how it all fits together. Barriers of faith This lesson looks at how science, suffering, and evil can be a barrier to people having faith. Through video clips and discussion times, young people develop their own thinking on these subjects, and discover what the Christian viewpoint on these issues are. Death of Jesus A closer look at the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, and why it was necessary for it to happen from a Christian viewpoint. Resurrection An interactive session where students get to look and discuss the various theories on Resurrection, what it means for Christians, and the plausibility of Jesus coming back to life. Holy Spirit A fun lesson looking at what and who the Holy Spirit is, his purpose in the world today and his significance to Christians. Experiencing God In this lesson we look at three different ways people can experience God today, through prayer, the Bible and church. This lesson is very discussion based and uses testimonies from Christians about how they have experienced God in the past. Christian festivals: Christmas In this lesson we explore the basics of the Christian festival of Christmas, explaining what happened during the Nativity story and why Christians place such importance on this event. Easter Incorporating both the death and Resurrection of Jesus, we look at the Easter story, and what it means to Christians today. Christian Lifestyle: Prayer and Worship Both prayer and worship are fundamental to the Christian faith. This lesson defines the difference between the two, and examines the purposes of both. Baptism This lesson looks at the elements involved of both infant and adult baptism, what they symbolise, and what it means for a Christian today. Church This lesson looks at the history of the church, and what the church today looks like. It also addresses the purpose of the church. Marriage This lesson looks at the Christian perspective of Marriage, what the Bible says about it and why Christians place such importance on it today. Morals Exploring the importance of having a personal moral framework, this lesson goes on to look at the ten commandments and how a Christian uses them for the basis of their own moral framework. Belonging and identity Designed to explore what makes us unique and looking at how we fit into society like parts of a body, and celebrating the fact we are all different. Ethics and values: Abortion This lesson explores the sensitive area of abortion and the Christian response to it through interactive activities and discussions. Euthanasia In this lesson we look at what Euthanasia is, and what Christians believe about it using case studies, video clips and discussions. Suffering This session takes a look at where suffering comes from, what Christians believe God does about it, and what the correct response should be. Crime and punishment Exploring what crime and punishment is, and looking at what Christians believe about punishments such as the death penalty. War and peace Is war ever right? This lesson unpacks this question through activities, videos and discussions, and highlights a Christian perspective.

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