Youth Heroes

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Rather than talking about those who have a destructive effect, the Youth Heroes Awards are all about making a big deal of those young people who have had made an outstanding contribution to their communities and are inspirational to others as a result.

Wirral is home to thousands of young people who are heroes and we set out to find the most inspirational from amongst them. We wanted to publicly affirm and thank these young heroes for all that they do and highlight them as a small glimpse of the massive majority of young people in the Wirral. In doing so our hope was that we could play our own small part in inspiring a generation on young catalysts who could make a long term impact on their communities.

The event was a massive success and received high praise from politicians, press and the public. For Martin and his team at Wirral YFC, this feedback was very encouraging but what most pleased them most was the feedback from the young people themselves and their families. It was immediately clear from this that the awards had had a significant effect on them and that it had inspired them to keep on doing the incredible things they do. In the days and weeks following the first awards night the Wirral YFC office was flooded with requests for the awards to be made an annual event and Wirral YFC were only to pleased to oblige.

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