Year Out

We are looking for 4 young people to join our team from September to July. Our hope is to invest in these 4 young people in the hope that they too will invest in the young people they meet while they are here with us. We are looking for people who are passionate about their faith, passionate about the local church and passionate about young people... we know that when a young person mixes all three something incredible happens.Here is a very brief idea of what is on offer to those whose applications are successful. They will be:
  • Placed in a local church who will nurture them and give them opportunities to try some new things; they will be getting involved in the church's youth work and other aspects of church life.
  • Given accommodation with a lovely family who will look out for them.
  • Join the Wirral YFC team for the year as a full team member. This will provide opportunities to get involved in a whole host of different youth and schools work activities throughout the year.
The year is very bespoke and can be shaped by those who join us. Overseas mission opportunities, youth camps and training are all available and while some of these things may have a cost it's often a lot cheaper than it would normally be. The basic package is free but who wants basic; we'll add bits on that you want to do and depending what that is we'll pay, you'll need to pay or somebody else will pay. That sounds vague but it's deliberate; all this will be worked out at an interview with you and will be made very clear before you decide. What would need to happen next if you were interested in joining us...
  • Visit our websites and see what we do. You'll need to look at
  • Tell us in 500 words (or an equivalent video or piece of artwork) why you want to join us.
  • As soon as we get that back we'll email you an application form and invite you for an interview with us and a potential church.
  • If that goes well we'll make you an offer and then it's over to you.
How's that sound?

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