X:site Kids Event

X:site Wirral is a children’s event for anyone who is 7-11 years old. Events happen termly and everyone that goes has lots of fun. Each event combines silly games, live music with a great band, videos, creative prayer, craft, drama, Bible stories and lots more so that everyone can have a good time. X:site stands for ‘the place of the cross’ and is about bringing children together to learn more about the difference Jesus can make in their lives.

X:site aims to be a celebration where children can unite together from churches across their area and be excited and encouraged in their faith and feel part of the wider Christian community. It aims to be a place where children will be confident to invite their friends to come and learn more about Jesus with them. We also use X:site to nurture young leaders.

See http://acornschools.org.uk/xsite/ for more information.

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