Acorn Schools Project

ACORN-LOGO Our primary schools work in partnership with Scripture Union is called the Acorn Primary Schools Project and you can read all about it at: The Acorn Schools Project isn’t really about us…It’s more about local churches and local schools. There are two mains aims for the project:
  1. Train, resource, equip and encourage local churches to invest in their local primary school in a variety of ways.
  2. Provide every primary school in Wirral with an opportunity to welcome good quality, caring input from well respected and trustworthy local Christians if they wish to.
The project emerged through unity, partnership and collaboration. Wirral YFC and Scripture Union, which are both professional and highly skilled schools work organisations, have pioneered the work and local people have invested time and money to move it forward. The lead worker on the project is Richard Dodd who is a trained teacher.

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