Romance Academy

Romance Academy’s is a unique 12-14 week intervention project to address the underlying causes of risky youth behaviour by promoting the value of stable relationships. We are passionate about seeing lives transformed for the better. Not only do we want to help young people make informed choices about sex and relationships, we also want to see them grow in confidence and self-esteem. The course works within the DfES SRE Guidance to provide balanced and holistic sex and relationships education and helps young people grow in confidence, wisdom and maturity so they can make intelligent choices. Our aim is not just to encourage young people to delay sexual activity, nor do we simply point them in the direction of contraception. Our aim is to give our young people the tools to make intelligent choices around sex and relationships. ‘The Romance Academy is relevant and engaging for all young people. It’s also challenging our society to think about the messages teenagers are receiving about sex and the kind of support they need. Our group are loving every minute of being on the Romance Academy and it’s our privilege to be involved in helping them handle the tough issues wisely!’ (Youth Leader from Wales) Over a 12 or 14 week period, Wirral Romance Academy addresses the underlying causes of risky youth behaviour, such as poor self-esteem, low aspirations and lack of positive family life, by promoting the value of stable relationships. Our aim is to give our young people the tools to make intelligent choices around sex and relationships.
Topics covered in weekly sessions include:
  • increasing self-esteem
  • building safe & healthy relationships
  • conflict, confidence & problem solving skills
  • personal boundaries, self -control & responsibilities
  • STI’s, pregnancy & parenting
  • communication techniques
  • love languages & romance
  • pornography & sexual violence
  • drugs & alcohol
  • body image
  • touch & intimacy
  • coping with peer pressure
  • benefits of delaying sex


“Romance Academy is absolutely unique in its approach to helping young people experience life bringing healthy relationships. Their work is rooted in a genuine love for young people, a radical commitment to helping them think through and own their choices, and a whole hearted passion that they would live fulfilled lives.” Youth Leader

“Romance Academy made me want to stop doing things just because my mates were and I stopped drinking just for the sake of it” Young Person

“I now realise the relationships are more than little flings, they are about feelings and friendship.” Young Person

“I have discovered more about myself, to treat sex more respectfully and not to rush into it! It has helped me to become brave and confident and I feel like I am making better choices now!” Young Person

In September 2005  the BBC showed a three part documentary called No Sex Please We’re Teenagers which followed the lives and loves of the very first, “Romance Academy” – Twelve teenagers were challenged to give up sex for 5 months, so that they may explore the true value of relationships and the positive and negatives of delaying sexual activity. Romance Academy is now a national resource, affecting the lives of hundreds of teenagers every year. Read the full story at Romance Academy offers that credible alternative for young people. As we strive to continually give young people a supportive peer group, we hope that their knowledge of sexual health related issues would increase, as well as confidence in their intrinsic value and ability to take responsibility and make intelligent choices.

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