Dara_Logo1The DARA Team now have their own website at http://www.wirraldara.org.uk/

The DARA Project (Drug, Alcohol, & Relationships Awareness Project) is Wirral YFC’s PHSE department and seeks to serve local primary and secondary schools by offering the delivery of lessons that meet the requirements of the PHSE curriculum.

At Wirral YFC we believe that every young person in Wirral has the potential to change their world for the better. Just as every acorn has the potential to become a mighty oak tree so every young person has the potential to reach for the stars. For the acorn it’s all a matter of being deep rooted in good soil, but even those with a poor start can be made strong if nurtured in a healthy environment. Our desire is to work alongside others in the community to support young people and give them the tools and information to make good, healthy choices. We want to encourage them to be the stars our community needs; inspirational peer leaders who make communities prosper not just financially but in love, hope, joy, peace, kindness, and self-control. As such the DARA Project aims to help young people make good, wise and mature choices around the issues they struggle with in relation to their physical and emotional well being. We do this by:
  •  Delivering High Quality and Interactive Drug and Alcohol Education Lessons
  •  Delivering Relationships and Sex Education Lessons
  •  Delivering Self Esteem and Body Image Lessons
  •  Running a Personal Development Course for Teenage Girls called ‘Cherished’.
  •  Running a risk taking behaviour intervention course called ‘Romance Academy’.

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